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Introducing: Ade.g

Jan 22 2015

We speak to Adeline Goh, Founder of Ade.g, from Singapore, who is art teacher by day and designer extraordinaire by night.  
The Brand
Ade.g is a brand that creates an avant garde style where contemporary approach to design meets individuality.
Design Philosophy Individualistic & Bold
I am actually not updated with trends. My work is inspired and influenced by spur moments that occur when working with my materials. The only possible trending that could be identified in my designs is by the type of raw material used, since they are produced by the manufacturers influenced by trends.
My latest collection is Majestic. Similar to all other collections, my inspirations are triggered by the materials I work with. In Majestic, the quartz are rare as they are unusually bold and huge. This inspired me to create a statement piece focusing on the grandeur of these pieces.

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