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Remembering Our Guiding Light - Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Mar 27 2015

This week has been a heartbreaking week for Singapore as we mourn the passing of our founding father and guiding star – Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. 

Mr. Lee dedicated his life to building Singapore and Singapore would not be what it is today if without him. It is with Mr. Lee’s decades of unwavering commitment and foresight that he led us through turbulent times and transform Singapore into a country and a home we can all be proud of. We are grateful for those tough decisions he made in order to help Singapore progress so much. He has touched every Singaporeans lives, young and old and with outpouring gratitude and admiration, thousands of people has lined the street to the Parliament House. Singaporeans are queuing hours and hours under the scorching sun just so they can pay their last respect to him. It is truly heartwarming and touching to see acts of kindness for those queuing and for Singaporeans to come together and take care of one and other. 

Singapore is fortunate to have Mr. Lee and his passing is a tremendous loss to us, but his life shall continue to inspire us and Singapore will continue to build on his success and strive towards the bright future that you have envisioned.

His contributions to Singapore will be remembered for generations to come and may he rest in peace.

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