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Lina Bada Aromatic Collection

Jun 14 2016

Lina Bada is founded by Sydney based Perfumer and Landscape Architect, Lina Shigemitsu - Since 2012. Handmade in Australia, Lina Bada candles are created from natural soy and coconut wax and oil perfumes created from organic jojoba oil. The intoxication aromas are balanced through a blend of unique fragrances and pure essential oils and absolutes.


White Lotus Absolute. is Linda Bana's signature aroma and reflects the depth, richness and elegance of the sacred Lotus Flower. Perfectly suited for meditation, White Lotus Absolute creates a pleasurable environment that will envelop you with a sense of warmth, ambience and opulence.

This product consists of pure 100% White Lotus Absolute.



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