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Brand Profile: Imsoyoung

Jun 11 2015

Im So Young, 36, designer and founder of the eponymous label, Imsoyoung, is a Korean brand that creates unique and experimental bags and accessories.
The fashion graduate from Kookmin University, College of Design was driven by her strong passion to create and experiment happy and fun pieces that will make her customers stand out by carrying them.
Her designs are inspired by how she feels and observes everyday life, transcending those thoughts and feelings into colours, textures and form of its piece, creating it into reality.
She firmly believes having passion symbolises youthfulness.
“Imsoyoung is my passion and Imsoyoung supports my passion. If you follow your passion and keep your dreams, you are Imsoyoung.” (Pun intended)
She has collaborated with pushBUTTON for 2015 F/W Seoul Fashion Week and also participated in Fashion Code earlier this year in March.
Mirror Design and Story
The story behind this collection was inspired by the art works of Jeff Koons. The material is made from foil and enamel coated PU, which shines and reflects. It may seem that the mirror metallic is heavy weighted but trust us, it’s not.
Shop the Mirror Collection here: http://society-a.com/collections/women-imsoyoung-seoul

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