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Brand Profile: XOORI

Jun 26 2015

Inspired by her love in beautiful, unique fabrics and materials, Kim Soo Rim plays up the highlights in bringing the best out of these in her brand XOORI. XOORI, a Korean independent brand was launched based on dressy silhouette with a sense of European's sensibility revealing an Asian oriental elegance for fashionable women who seek unique couture style. Based on the idea of Nouvelle Couture or ‘new couture, it best sums up Soo Rim’s style of marrying the glitz of couture with the purpose of daily wear.

Constantly on the lookout for clothes that would enhance her looks and elevate her style to set her apart from the rest out there, was a struggle until her discovery of a designer's collection book – Dior of John Galliano. It opened her to a whole new world of fashion, and spurred her to pursue her interests in fashion and pattern making in the fashion city, Paris. She enrolled into the renowned fashion school, ESMOD French Fashion School where she learnt her trades of fashion under the former designer of Nina Ricci Paris and eventually specialising in the intricate field of couture designing. Upon her return to Korea, Soo Rim sets her path in creating not only ordinary dresses but good looking dresses with intricate details, interesting fabrics and exciting patterns and prints. All creations soon caught the eye of an acclaimed actress whom further spurred her on to persist and pursue her dream. Her very own designer brand for new couture was then born – XOORI (her nickname in Paris).

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