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SocietyA FW'15 and New Brands Debut Showcase

Oct 27 2015

SocietyA presents a fashion army showcase at Orchard Gateway The Tube, featuring FW15 collections from ti:baeg and Twisted Sisters and introducing PH5 and Ying The Label on board.



SocietyA FW15 and New Brands Debut Showcase, Orchard Gateway The Tube, 25th September. 

Featuring ti:baeg and Twisted Sisters

ti:baeg FW5 “Fly Me to The Moon Collection” imbued a sense of sartorial elegance with fabrics and details that are embodied in new, refine styles. ti:baeg’s designer, Cho Eun Ae, creates looks that are soft and feminine, but still retaining the signature style of mixing vibrant and soft hues, with witty graphics that she customizes.

Twisted Sisters (TWS) FW15 “TRANquility” Collection features sleek and sophisticated fabrics in luxurious wools and silks. Canadian-Hong Kong designer, Maria Mak cleverly showcases graphic silhouettes and clever tailoring, strong contrast and an underlying hint of playful twist to each piece.



Li Ying - Designer of Ying The Label, Wei Lin - Founder of PH5, Karin Tan – Simply Her 


We also welcomed the founder and designer of PH5 & Ying The Label to unveil their latest collections and fashion inspirations for the holiday season.


Introducing PH5 and Ying The Label

PH5 Resort 2016 Collection features looks to create a niche in mixed media pieces, prints and textures. PH5 is a contemporary womenswear brand that offers a full collection with 3 women in mind – the elegant one, the casual chic one, and the easy cool girl.

Ying The Label, an emerging local label, takes ready-to-wear fashion to a new level. One of the most prominent differentiating factor of this brand is the origami-inspired detailing and self designed fabrics. Designer, Ying, is always inspired by surroundings and emotions, and is fueled by the philosophy that “less is more; odd is beautiful”.


Introduction of SocietyA’s New Concierge Service 



During the showcase, SocietyA also introduced their new concierge service where you will be the first to preview upcoming collections and look books, special offers and get dressed in their new arrivals even before purchasing. There was a personalized wardrobe makeover station for guests who would like to be dressed in their desired SocietyA’s outfits.


SocietyA presents VIP concierge service 


TRANquility FW’15 Collection from Twisted Sisters 


FW’15 Collection from Ying The Label     


Resort 2016 Collection from PH5 


Founders of SocietyA, Lay Peng and Lily Hamid, posing with ti:baeg's latest collection,
‘Fly Me To The Moon’.


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