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Introducing: SOE Jakarta

Dec 11 2017


About the designers


As one of the few chosen designers for the fourth generation of Indonesia Fashion Forward, the curated fashion incubation program mentored by the Centre for Fashion Enterprise London, Monique and Sendy Soeriaatmadja, explore Indonesia’s rich culture and diversity in their premium label, SOE Jakarta. 



With 4 seasons already under its belt, SOE Jakarta is a celebration of slow living combining artisan handwoven fabrics and a modern silhouette for those women who aspire to wear a piece of tradition without losing their modern flair. Most of SOE Jakarta's handwoven pieces are either non dyed or natural dyed cotton, and also hand dyed in small quantities, with the aim to reduce negative impact on  the environment.



 About SOE Jakarta
SOE Jakarta was born out of a love affair with handwoven textile and an ode to classic timeless style. The Creative Director, Monique Soeriaatmadja’s vexation at not being able to find the perfect fabric when creating her designs, led her to search for Indonesian textile artisans with a similar thirst for innovation and hunger for unique creations. Her creations are inspired by those traditional patterns and textures and her fascination with sportswear and contemporary arts. 



With SOE Jakarta, Monique aims to create clothes with a story, everyday wear that is easy to wear and fits perfectly into the well curated wardrobe of today’s modern woman. By juxtaposing these beautiful labor intensive fabrics with modern and factory produced fabrics, she transforms classic silhouettes giving them her own quirky touch. A perfect fit for women who want to wear a piece of tradition without losing their modern flair. 


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