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Jonathan Liang Spring Summer'18 | Feminine Utility: The Wild Garden

Apr 11 2018

Taking an abstract perspective on fragility, adolescence and innocence, Jonathan Liang's Spring Summer 2018 collection is inspired by Lucile Hadžihalilović 's film, 'Innocence' - a delicate and enigmatic artistic exploration of youth and liberty.


Jonathan Liang Spring Summer '18


With the designer growing up in the 90s, the collection's style is a nostalgic representation of this era, supported through loose layering and free forming skirts and trousers.



Jonathan Liang's signature wild flower embroideries are prevalent throughout the entire collection, with this season's representative flora being roses and gloriosa lilies, meticulously woven into statement pieces. The core flora for prints is represented by the vampire orchid, symbolising the thread of  aggressively soft romanticism running through the collection.


A magnetic buzz echos through the melancholic collection, with modern electroplated hardware contrasting against stardust filled embroideries - a key piece of the collection being the Stardust Windbreaker, an ode to the decisive wanderer, with the light outer piece converting to a delicate dress.


Similarly, adaptability and logical utility run wild through elevated dresses embellished with ostrich feathers that turn into street ready crop tops and pencil skirts.


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