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LIE Fall Winter 2017

Nov 15 2017

LIE's Fall-Winter 2017 collection is for an explorer in all of us; it’s a story of a young, passionate female explorer going on a journey for new hopes and dreams. She isn’t fearful of challenges of the reality, but seeks her significance through adventurous endeavors through which a hope for a brighter future is conceived.
Reminiscent of the main character in the movie La La Land, she’s an ambitious explorer, and is not easily discouraged by failure but rather considers it a learning opportunity.


Lie mixed media jacket and denim pants

The collection depicts a night scene in the desert, away from the hectic city life. Urban safari look is achieved through the strategic use of belts, pockets, grommets, laces and knot details.


LIE belted Utility Jacket


The serene yet mystical scenery is brought to life in lavish material such as velvet and suede in camel, beige, dark sky blue as season’s palette reflectng the colors of the night sky in the desert.


Lie long sleeve printed maxi dress

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