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LIE - Lee Chung Chung

Jun 19 2017

Some of us are born to be a star. Chung Chung is one of them.

Son to renowned Korean designer, Lie Sang Bong (whose designs are worn by top celebrities such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna), Chung Chung was exposed to the creative world of fashion since the age of six years old and had spent most of his growing years learning and working for his father’s label “LIE SANGBONG”. The wide exposure since young, from attending fashion weeks to the frequent travels overseas, had helped developed Chung Chung’s strong sense of experimentation, art and beauty.


Lee Chung Chung


A graduate from the Central Saint Martin’s College with a degree in Art & Design, Chung Chung started his own design career in menswear with the launch of his menswear line, “A.Hallucination” in London. His pieces, which focused on sharp tailoring and unexpected details, were well received and met with critical acclaim by Vogue UK and GQ UK. Chung Chung was awarded, not once but twice, by the Vauxhall Fashion Scout as one of the “Ones to Watch” for his work with “A.Hallucination”, which also netted him the “Bright Young Things” award by Selfridges, England, and the “Menwear Designer” award in the Fashion’s Finest Awards in 2011.


 LIE urban cruise collection


With his star on the rise, Chung Chung returned to Korea in 2011 to launch his first womenswear label “LIE”, which stands for “Love, Identity and Ego”.
“I design for anyone who wants to express their selves. My designs are dedicated to all independent women. I believe that clothes are no longer just daily necessity for warmth, protection or to hide bodies. It is a door to communicate and to share your thoughts and identities,” explained Chung Chung.


LIE Urban cruise collection


With LIE, Chung Chung hopes his designs allow women to feel special, confident, happy, beautiful and comfortable with themselves. Focusing on “Everyday wear luxury with a twist”, LIE pieces are full of innovative design elements and details. Coupled with his signature tailoring, experimental use of various fabrics and the contemporary price point, LIE appeals to a wide range of women all around the world.


LIE urban cruise collection


Today, LIE is available in over 50 select shops, boutiques and departmental stores across the US, Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and the Middle Eastern countries. Come September 2017, LIE would be opening its first flagship store in the most luxurious fashion block – Cheongdam, Seoul, together with the “LIE SANGBONG” brand.
“Every piece of my designs means a lot to me,” said Chung Chung. “I am very grateful and find it very fulfilling that my works are in many people’s lives - in their special moments or as they go about their daily routines - world-wide.”


Lee Chung Chung


Qn 1. One item which is always in your bag?
A pen. I realise that for many people, they will always have paper, but not many people will carry a pen with them. Also, as I travel a lot, there are always forms for me to fill up when I am in the plane. So, a pen is useful.


Qn 2. Apple or orange?
Apple. It’s very good for breakfast. I love to eat breakfast but since my family is so busy, very often, I’ll just grab an apple for breakfast on the go.
(Green or red apple?) It depends on the season I think. But generally, I prefer the green apple because it is more fresh and crunchy. I like crunchy. I like crunchy chocolate too.


Qn 3. Pink pants or pink shoes?
Wah … this is quite hard. Hahah … Let me think .. I will choose pink shoes. I think if I choose pants, I will only wear it like once a year, on special occasions like a party or something. But if I had pink shoes, it’s easier to match with the black outfits I always wear to give it a pop of colour. 


Qn 4. Favourite colour?
Blue. Somewhere between blue and navy. My name Chung Chung (in Chinese) means blue.


Qn 5. Who would the LIE girl date? Gong Yoo or Dong Wook?
I like Gong Yoo better. Gong Yoo feels more stable to me. 

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