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LIE Spring Summer '18 | Perfect Imperfection

Mar 02 2018


With effortless shapes and an array of colours, the LIE Spring/Summer 2018 collection revolves around the different stages of a flower; from its tough exterior as a tiny bulb, to its delicate blossoming petals, to achieving a final display of heavenly bloom and aura.


Perfect Imperfection


Themed ‘Perfect Imperfection’, it celebrates the flourishing of the modern-day woman who is full of energy and determination, and whose every flaw is an alluring charm. LIE executes this idea through the juxtaposition of minimalist designs and unexpected maximalist expressions, a combination that exudes both classic and youthful qualities.



Through the innovative use of diversified materials and a dynamic splash of neon hues, the collection infuses the standard feminine interpretation with its uniquely sophisticated yet energetic transformation.

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