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PH5 Fall Winter 17

Nov 16 2017

Loie Striped Cross back Jumpsuit
The inspiration for PH5 Fall Winter collection is all about the softness and playfulness of balloons. PH5 aims to create a collection that is soft and at the same time, embed into it their love for fun and colours.


Hebe colourblocked top with loose stripes
The balloon-inspired collection is not literally about having a lot of round shapes; instead through balloons, PH5 is trying to remind us of and reconnect us to the feelings that we have had of towards all those colours, textures and details of balloons.


Sheer knits
The balloon theme is also embedded into the knitting technique of each design. New techniques have been invented by creative designer, Mijia, and incorporated into every design so that the material is light and airy, overturning all preconceived beliefs on knitwear.


Sasha metallic striped cross back top


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