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Sean and Sheila SS/17 - FORGOTTEN

Jun 29 2017

Sean and Sheila SS17 Forgotten collection 
The Collection is aptly named "FORGOTTEN " reminiscent of an era, centuries old, and long gone. Heavily inspired by ancient China, it is the earliest civilization in the world, between 600 and 900 CE, during the Tang Dynasy. The raw strength, courage, and brutality where power is acquired through wars fought and won; thus the mood and theme "EASTERN MILITARY UNIFORM " resonances throughout the entire collection.
Sean and Sheila Jiao Kimono 
The first empress who reigned over China, Wu Zetian becomes our muse and namesake of our collection. A woman ahead of her time, she challenged the patriarchal traditions, and was purposefully forgotten by her nation and by her people. She embodies a powerful force, as controversial as she is majestic. Empress Wu Zetian is the image of the strong women that our brand is inspired by.



 Sean and Sheila FORGOTTEN collection
Strong and vibrant primary hues of orange, teal, purple, black, and ceremonial gold are used in the designs and embroideries on the garments which is inspired by Chinese Dynasty Ceremonial Military Armor. Derivatives prominent shapes are from Chinese dynasty war armory, military uniforms cut from lush silk, silk wool, jacquard and cotton blended fabrics. Brightly colored embroideries of birds, bees, and flowers along with ancient Chinese coins that signify medals of honor are sewn on to accentuate the essence of this period which was ruled by primitivism, subjugation, military hierarchy, honour, and prosperity.



Sean and Sheila Silk Shantung

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