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Sean & Sheila F/W 2016 Preview at Raffles Graduation Fashion Show

Jun 17 2016

Runway for Raffles Design Institute Graduation Fashion Show

SocietyA is honored to be invited to the preview of Sean & Sheila Fall/Winter 2016 collection, held at Raffles Design Institute Graduation Fashion Show.

Designers Sean (left) and Sheila (center)

Looking forward to the showcase with excitement, we met designers Sean and Sheila who invited us for the show! How nice it feels to sit with them for the show?

While waiting for the commencement of the show... where are our seats? YES that's right! We are sitting right in front of the runway! Thank you Sean and Sheila for the best seats!

With all these wonderful pieces, we are likely to see more emerging designers in the near future!

Congratulations to all the graduates and we wish you the best in your career! We hope to see you again soon!


This is what we have been waiting for... the preview for Sean & Sheila F/W 2016 collection! Here it goes:

Sean & Sheila preview for F/W 2016 collection

Thank you Sean & Sheila once again for this wonderful night.

Stay tuned for our announcement of new F/W 2016 from Sean & Sheila on SocietyA!

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