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Apr 26 2017

Su Jinn exudes a cool, almost zen-like, aura when you first meet her. Dressed (always) in her signature black outfits, one could easily assume that she is distant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Su Jinn is, in fact, all “heart”.   

This is someone who has a deep passion for humanity and hopes to help spread the important message of “love, support and respect for others” through her designs. “Fashion is not about just churning out pieces that sell. A good brand can be a good medium to help better people’s life,” says Su Jinn.

And for the past 10 years, the media art graduate held on to this belief firmly. “I’ve been challenged since the beginning, but I’ve never wavered,” says Su Jinn. “I’m very happy that I’ve kept the promise that I’ve made to myself since my very first collection.”




In her own words, Su Jinn designs for women who “hold the keys to their own lives”. She understands that the struggles for the modern women (to do right by their own standards) are real and she hopes that her brand offers a platform to draw attention to important issues that are close to the hearts of these women.





It is no wonder than that Soulpot Studio’s clothes display a certain sense of tenacity in them. Just as how every woman is unique and even more beautiful because of their individual struggles, Soulpot Studio’s clothes are original and one can expect intricate handcrafted details and patterns that require a high-level of workmanship.

On the big plans for the next 10 years, Su Jinn wants to embark on the “popularization of cult fashion”. Noting that her reach is still limited to a niche audience, Su Jinn hopes to launch a new sub-line in the near future that encapsulates the Soulpot Studio’s values while reaching out to even more women commercially.




1. One item which is always in your bag?
Facial Hydrating Cream.

2. Favourite city?
I really like Berlin. I feel that it is the most “empty” city in the world. To me, the city is like a white canvas where I can create freely, and that’s very inspiring.
I also like Singapore very much. It is the first country I visited outside of Korea. I remember in Singapore, rain comes suddenly and I find it very romantic. I also remember dancing with my boyfriend outside MBS one night. It’s a lovely evening and there were music playing from the restaurant. There was a lot of romance in the air and we just started dancing.

3. When you meet a person, what is the first feature you look at?
His/her aura, which comes from their eyes. They shine especially when the person is living the life he/she chooses.

4. Apple or orange?
Definitely orange. My parents are farmers and they grow apples. I had too many apples! Haha..  
Also, I prefer citrusy over sweet flavour.

5. Pink pants or pink shoes?
Pink shoes! Because it can go with Soulpot’s all-black DNA.
6. Favourite colour?
Of course it’s black. Black allows people to show their personality beyond what they wear.

7. Who would the Soulpot Studio girl date? Gong Yoo or Dong Wook?
Dong Wook. He has more of a story; more mysterious. I guess more in common with the Soulpot Studio girl.


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