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Apr 12 2017

Designer Cho Eun Ae, who grew up under the influence of her stylish mother and have worked for famous Korean brands such as "Hansome Int” and"SJSJ” right after graduating from Yonsei University's Fashion Design Department, is the perfect embodiment of her label and what it stands for.


Tibaeg (pronounced: tea-bag), aims to stir up good feelings with their clothes, just as how the aromas from a brewing pot of hot tea can create. In person, Eun Ae has a calming presence with her gentle and composed demeanor. 


 A celebrated emerging label from South Korea that has been recognized for incorporating a contemporary design sense with artistic flair through unique illustrations and prints, Tibaeg is all about soft sensitivity and various color palettes. Just like how a little tea bag makes a rich, refreshing tea full of aroma, Tibaeg intends to give more than the look itself.

 “The girl I design for is someone who has her own passion and inner potential to achieve what she sets her heart on,” said Eun Ae.



  When creating her collections, Eun Ae experiments with new, eye-catching styles by integrating light styling, the mix of classic fabrics and casual silhouettes, unique colors, sensitive details, and graphic elements. “When the label first started, we focused more on t-shirts. Now it’s more cohesive and comprehensive as we have more types of apparels. We have a stronger identity now.”


 And consumers are buying into this identity that they have grown to love. Tibaeg is now sold in more than 10 countries including Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Paris, Turkey, Switzerland and Kuwait.



Over the years, Eun Ae has mastered the art of balancing artistic exploration with commercial viability. Eun Ae adapts her designs to meet the needs of her clientele base that spans across such diverse cultures and climates. For example, she does try to use thinner fabrics, like a thinner neoprene, so it is suitable for the Singapore weather. For hotter countries, she also designs a regional collection specially catered for those markets.  


On the upcoming plans for the brand, Eun Ae hopes to be involved in more collaborations with other brands such as the one she did recently with Disney to create a capsule collection.


 “Ultimately, my dream is to open my first flagship store in Korea. It will not be just about fashion and my clothes, but a lifestyle. So, there will be flowers, and of course, tea. When you step into the store, you will have a multi-sensory experience – the smell, visuals, etc.”




  1. Favourite tea?

I like the TWG Black Tea 1837. I also love the Saint Laurent Tea from Christine Dattner Paris.

  1. One item which is always in your bag?

A notebook. I like to jot down / draw out my inspirations on whatever catches my eye when I walk around the city.

  1. Favourite city?

I love Singapore. In fact, my entire S/S 15 Collection was inspired by Gardens by the Bay.

I also love Hawaii. I have been there about 4 times. Everything there is just so much simpler and more relaxed – the people, the vibes. I am also very inspired by colour of the Hawaiian sea.

  1. Apple or orange?

Apple. To me, it’s more delicious. I like sweet flavours.  

Actually, this is an interesting question. I have never thought about this. Well, I love fairytales, and Snow White is related to apples. So, yes, I choose apple.

  1. Pink pants or pink shoes?

Definitely pink pants! Pink shoes are way too feminine for me.

  1. Who would the Tibaeg girl date? Gong Yoo or Dong Wook?

Haha. Dong Wook. I think he is more charming. *swoon* 



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