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Vleeda Fall Winter 2017

Nov 16 2017

VLEEDA 17FW  represents the ICARUS’s pure desire for freedom. 


Vleeda - Wings of Icarus F/W collection


The collection captures the beautiful and living movement of ICARUS’s flying through the use of colours and patterns.


Mix colour check v neck dress

Brand new check patterns inspired by the beautiful interlacing of living muscles when ICARUS was attempting to fly to freedom were designed and combined harmoniously with primitive colors to illustrate the most instinctive desire in humans - To Be Free.


 Mint cube scarf dress


Vleeda's F/W collection is created with the singular purpose of presenting customers with artistic pleasure. Collection pieces features ICARUS’s muscling details and face, all recreated by Vleeda's Creative designer Lee Da Eun. 


Curved muscle volume sweatshirt and pink corduroy skirt

Hourglass silhouettes are crafted in to portray the strong will for freedom.  The Wings of Icarus are expressed with voluminous puff sleeves and shoulders. The collection was designed with the image of a free yet powerful woman in mind.


One shoulder blouse and deep wine bell bottom pants


A large span of fabrics and material were used, including lamb's wool knit, eco-fur, coloured denim to express different textures and moods.


orange profile lamb wool sweater and sheer knit skirt

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