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Apr 19 2017

“My dream when I was young was to become a painter,” says Designer Lee Daeun or Leeda. “I ventured into 3D art and installations as I grew up and before I knew it, I was in university studying both art and fashion and I was drawn into the prospects of combining both (disciplines I like) together.”



And sure she did when she launched her own label, VLEEDA in 2014. As the name of her label suggests, which means “Very Leeda”, every piece of the collection represents a part of her and what she will wear personally.



“I design for girls who appreciate art and have a strong sense of individuality and style,” quipped Leeda when asked about her design muse. “In my vision, I imagine someone wearing my clothes appreciating the art works at a gallery. Basically, someone like me. Hahah …”



For each collection, Leeda always starts her creative process by creating themed art works and letting that inspiration translates down into her clothes. The process of creating the art piece, according to Leeda, is the most challenging part because like most artists, it requires her to dig deep within herself and share her inner thoughts and feelings with the world.


Take for example, her Spring Summer 17 Collection, “The Wings of Icarus”, it was a reminder to herself that as her career took flight, she should always stay rooted to her initial beliefs and love for what she’s doing and never lose sight on what’s important to her i.e. to design from her heart … and that girl in the art gallery.
 Leeda takes about one month each time to create the art piece, followed by another two months to translate that inspiration into a full collection.


“I’m still learning and evolving. For the first few collections, I’d only used polyester, but for the coming Fall Winter 2017 Collection, I am experimenting with wool and other materials,” says Leeda on her personal growth as a fashion designer. “Design-wise, I’ve also expanded from basic silhouettes to more complex designs. With each collection, it’s very exciting for me to know that I’ve grown a little, yet again.”


1. One item which is always in your bag?
    Lip balm


    2. Favourite city?
        Budapest / Hungary & Singapore.


        3. Apple or orange?
        Apple. I like apple since young. Maybe because my mum has been feeding me (grinded) apple puree when I was little.  


        4. Pink pants or pink shoes?
        Pink pants! It’s easy to mix and match with the VLEEDA apparels.


        5. Who would the VLEEDA girl date? Gong Yoo or Dong Wook?
        Gong Yoo. I feel that Gong Yoo can protect me.

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