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SocietyA Candle Bundle (Worth: $98)

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  • SocietyA Exclusive


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This bundle consist of any two of your choice:

    Indulge in the warm fragrances of ripe figs, juicy blackcurrants, and a refreshing dose of lemon, conjuring images of a getaway to the South of France. Spice up the summer nights with the rich fragrance of Euphoria, enhanced with notes of cedarwood and hyacinth.
  • PURE
    This fragrance combines the lifting scents of black tea, cedarwood and amber with a refreshing splash of sweet lychee. A soft, delicate fragrance, Pure imparts the fresh scent of clean linen to recreate the feeling of relaxing Sunday mornings.
    Delicately crafted with rich notes of sandalwood, bergamot and amber, Harmony envelopes the space with a tranquil mood.This warm and woody fragrance promotes mental clarity and helps lift spirits. Harmony delivers a renewed sense of calm and peace.
    Bask in a celebratory mood with Eternity, which mimics the joy of effervescent champagne, juicy ripe strawberries, and blooming roses. Luxurious and enveloping, this fragrance spells love and is the perfect scent for that special occasion.
    A crisp, revitalising scent made up of a botanical blend of lemongrass, zesty lime and the soft floral undertones of jasmine, transporting you to a sanctuary of your very own lush, tropical rainforest. Bright and citrusy, Sanctuary not only reinvigorates the spirit, but creates the perfect ambience for a cosy evening.
    Reminisce about those small moments in life through the gentle fragrance of ylang ylang, honeyed neroli petals, and sunny tuberose. Designed to naturally invoke a sense of calm and relaxation, Gratitude is the perfect fragrance to be enough.

Estimated Burning Time
40 hours

Product Weight

Wood Wick
Releases a gentle crackling when lighted up to add to the luxurious, cosy experience.