SocietyA x Yilian Ng Floral Atelier

SocietyA X Yilian Ng Good Fortune Bloom Box

USD $159.10


Get in to the celebratory mood with this perfect arrangement for gifting or decorating your home. Set in a large bloom box, this arrangement consists of Chrysanthemum, Bamboo, Gerbera, Ginger flowers, Pussywillow, Orchids, Caspea, Carnations, Anthuriums, Heliconia, Kumquat and Solanum Mammosum or ‘prosperity fruit’.

As flowers are available based on seasons, we’ll replicate this arrangement as closely as possible.

Box’s measurement is approximately around a standard large vase arrangement at H20cm X W25cm. However, due to arrangement’s style, the final results are significantly larger than the box’s measurement.

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H 88cm X W 24cm


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