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Dinner For Two: Valentine’s Home Edition

Valentine’s Day can be chaos to plan. Crowded restaurants with overpriced couple’s menus, or a staycation at an expensive hotel. Let’s not forget pricey roses that will only last a few days (that said, here’s a friendly reminder that fake flowers won’t make the best Valentine’s Day gift either). 

This year, perhaps, instead of looking outward for ideas, perhaps it’s time we take the “most romantic day of the year” indoors for an intimate face-to-face in the most exclusive venue – our homes – because, as they say, home is where the heart is. 

To inspire your planning, we’ve rounded up the most romantic ways to spend your Valentine’s Day, from decor to liven up your space, to hosting your own private painting night, or a lovely picnic for two. Keep scrolling, and start planning your day for that special person in your life.

Paint and Sip

Why queue for an overpriced Valentine’s dinner when you can get cosy, when you can complete a work of art made of love with your partner? This Valentine’s Day, sip a glass of wine and enjoy making art at home. Take the evening to yourselves to paint a portrait of each other, or a special moment you both cherished, and lock all the sweet memories on a canvas to become a true keepsake. 

To get you started, here are a few gorgeous glasses to pair with your favourite wine and add a touch of elegance to the lovely evening.

An Indoor Picnic

Sure, a picnic outdoors is fun, but there are way too many details to be considered, such as alternate plans for bad weather, food storage and, of course, post-picnic clean-up. So, why not cuddle up with your loved one at home and have an indoor picnic? It can be on your balcony, in your backyard, or even in your living room. Prepare a gourmet spread at home, decorate with pillows and fairy lights, and you’re all set for a romantic night. 

If you’re looking to finesse your plating skills, Make A Pottery has just the things for you! Their creative ceramics come in unique, artisanal designs that are simple yet contemporary, and speak to your personal style. Check out these best homeware picks from Make A Pottery.

The Classic Movie Marathon

An oldie but a goodie. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing movie marathon with your partner. Turn your living room into a small at-home theatre with a mattress, some pillows and a few cosy blankets. Just be sure to prepare a big bowl of popcorn and a few drinks. You’ll be binge-watching a movie or series (that you both love) in no time.

Elevate the ambience of the evening with a romantic or relaxing scent of your choice. Here are a few of our favourite candles and diffusers to help you set the night on fire.


Sing your way into your lover’s heart. Karaoke can be a fun activity for a couple, and a great way to release stress. If you have kids at home, invite the whole family for a karaoke night, and express your love in the most entertaining and dramatic ways possible. 

Whether you’re doing solos with your partner, or a group performance with the family, impress your singalong guest(s) with the prettiest drinking glasses. Serve your best drink in these colourful glasses on Valentine’s Day!

Flower Arranging

If you’re the lucky girl who receives a bouquet on Valentine’s Day, don’t put the flowers away after you take photos for the feed. It’s a gift from the heart, and we want it to last as long as possible. Spend time together rearranging the flowers into a vase and place them as a centrepiece on the dining table, or at visible corners throughout the house, wherever they can be provided with the most optimal sunlight – and visibility. Check out these vases that can easily dress up any room at any season:

Picture: Ember Vase

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