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SocietyA Curates: Coperni’s Forms of Attunement

In a time when the fusion of technology and fashion has begun to define the avant-garde, SocietyA is excited to reveal Coperni SS24 Collection, a symphonic celebration of this unique synergy. Dubbed “Forms of Attunement,” the collection was first showcased in the chambers of the Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM) in Paris. 

There, the iconic brand delivered a sonically charged experience that transcended design into an auditory experience underpinned by the tactile sensation of fabric. As Coperni celebrates ten years since its launch, we invite you to join us on a shared exploration of sound, style, and substance throughout the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection.

Coperni SS24, Exploration Into The Intangible Yet Omnipresent Force of Sound

Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the visionary minds behind Coperni, have once again redefined the parameters of fashion with their Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. A tactile exploration into the intangible yet omnipresent force of sound – amidst the backdrop of IRCAM’s acoustic chambers. So that each piece from the collection tells a story, from the rustle of organza to the rhythmic crackle of sequin embroidery.

The runway show, set to a curated soundscape by u.r.trax, transformed IRCAM into a cinematic audio experience. Each model’s walk amplified by the unique noises of fabric. To immerse the audience in a 4K surround sound of fashion. The highlight, Naomi Campbell’s appearance, signalled not just the collection’s allure but also its reverence for the iconic and the innovative.

As you’ll see, the collection offers an enchanting interplay between music’s ephemeral presence and fashion’s tangible form. Traditional craftsmanship blended with innovative materials and technologies. This includes garments pulsating with “Cymatic” patterns and 3-D formed brooches and fine silks contrasted against sculpted leather jackets. 

Most notably, the collection revisits the nostalgia of the Discman, reinterpreted through a lens of contemporary AI and futuristic footwear collaborations. It symbolises an intriguing yet undeniably stylish dialogue between the past and the future.

Discover Coperni’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, now at SocietyA.

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