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SocietyA Curates: EENK’s Modern Nostalgia

SocietyA is proud to present a collection that deftly bridges the divide between the fleeting and the timeless: EENK SS24, titled “Y for Yesterday.” At the heart of EENK, founded by the visionary designer Lee Hyemee in 2014, lies a commitment to crafting collections that transcend the cycle of trends. It offers pieces that are meant to be cherished across seasons.

EENK SS24 “Y for Yesterday”

“Y for Yesterday” embarks on a journey back in time, only to propel us forward with a vision of femininity that is both classic and unequivocally modern. This collection revisits the delicate, often restrictive garments of yesteryears to transform them into bold tailoring pieces. It speaks to the power and confidence of today’s woman. So through intricate lace details, voluminous silhouettes, and a nostalgic touch, EENK reimagines the past with an eye towards the future.

From the archives of EENK, beloved silhouettes are revisited and revitalised, creating unexpected structures that radiate confidence. The collection seamlessly blends hand-knitted vintage corsage dresses with powerful trousers and jackets. While soft cyanotypes and sleek suiting punctuate the narrative of modern femininity, that power and femininity share the same space.

Underpinning the collection is a level of craftsmanship that blends the traditional with the transformative, exemplified through EENK’s dedication to creating collectable garments from season to season. As EENK continues to navigate the alphabet with “The Letter Project,” “Y for Yesterday” stands as a continuation of Lee Hyemee’s unique ability to merge fashion, art, and lifestyle into a cohesive narrative.

Discover EENK Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, now at SocietyA.

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