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SocietyA Curates: Louis Shengtao Chen’s Unconventional Glam for SS24

SocietyA is thrilled to unveil the Spring/Summer 2024 Collection by Louis Shengtao Chen, a visionary Chinese designer and a 2023 LVMH Prize Semifinalist. This collection, first presented on the Shanghai Fashion Week runway, embarks on an exhilarating journey of transformation, likened to the metamorphosis of a moth emerging from its cocoon.

With a profound contemplation on the theme of change, this collection presents a unique perspective on the “climax of creation.” Chen’s latest creations skillfully balance high-octane glamour with nuanced simplicity, capturing the essence of beauty within the process of change. From the innovative draping of a blouse and denim mini dress that emulates the form of a moth, to the dynamic play of sheer knits and fringe details, each garment echoes the hymn of creation. 

At the heart of Chen’s design philosophy lies a challenge to the conventional notions of glamour, blending bold and exaggerated colours with unconventional fabrics. Yet, it’s the harmony of severity and playfulness within the collection that truly defines Chen’s design ethos. The juxtaposition of sensuous, diva-like glamour with sharp, architectural precision offers a refreshing take on elegance.

Marking a significant milestone in Louis Shengtao Chen’s illustrious career, this collection invites an exploration of the emotional depths of creation and artistic discovery, serving as an ode to life, beauty, and the dreams shaping our present and future.

Discover Louis Shengtao Chen’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, now at SocietyA.

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