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SocietyA Curates: Rokh Reimagines the Familiar for SS24

It’s no surprise that fashion is a constant cycle of rebirth and reinvention, but no one understands this better than Rok Hwang, the visionary behind the label Rokh. 

Since its inception in 2016, Rokh has been challenging and reshaping the norms with an air of bold ingenuity that has rightfully earned him an LVMH Prize nomination. This season, SocietyA is proud to present Rokh’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection – a brave reimagining of the familiar.

Designer Rok Hwang approaches the familiar with a transformative lens for Spring/Summer 2024. It’s a collection that speaks volumes of creativity and precision, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship that blurs the lines between fragility and boldness, functionality and luxury. From the raw edge of deconstructed trench coats to the fluidity of androgynous shirting, each piece is a testament to Rokh’s distinctive blend of contrasts.

The SS24 Collection goes beyond the mere updates of established essentials; it’s a radical reimagination that speaks to our dynamic lifestyles. It embodies a renewed individuality while respecting the timeless essence of classic apparel. Hwang’s dedication to detail and garment construction echoes through the collection, ensuring that artistry and fit meet the contemporary desires of SocietyA’s clientele.

Each garment from the collection is a nod to the designer’s quest for perfection. Whether it’s the intricate layering, the subtle interplay of textures, or the unexpected tailoring, Rokh’s creations are as much a work of art as they are a fashion statement. They invite us to experience the familiar anew, to appreciate the nuances of everyday elegance.

At SocietyA, we are thrilled to announce Rokh’s latest collection is now available in-store and online. It’s time to experience Rokh’s reimagined world, where every piece not only enhance your wardrobe but also redefine your perception of modern attire.

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