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Trending: Is Millennial Pink Making a Comeback?

If you were obsessed with this viral shade of light pink back in 2015, chances are, you’re part of the millennial crowd—or at least, a millennial at heart. That’s right, folks, it’s time to dust off your rose-coloured glasses because Millennial Pink is making a stylish return to the fashion forefront. But what’s the big deal about a colour, you ask? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the rosy depths of Millennial Pink, its past and its sudden resurgence, plus how you can rock this shade like it’s 2015 all over again.

What is Millennial Pink?

Millennial Pink isn’t just any pink. It’s a softer, subdued blend that lies somewhere between blush and salmon. More than just a colour, it became a cultural icon, symbolizing a generation’s approach to breaking down gender norms and embracing fluidity in all aspects of life. Its versatility made it a darling of tech gadgets, fashion lines, and even home decor, proving that this shade wasn’t just a passing trend—it was a movement.

A Brief History of Millennial Pink

Our love affair with Millennial Pink began in earnest when Pantone unveiled Rose Quartz as one of its Colours of the Year in 2016. This nod gave the colour a sort of official status, but its roots go deeper, reflecting a societal shift towards gender neutrality and inclusivity. It didn’t take long for Millennial Pink to dominate, from the latest iPhone to the runway collections of high-end designers. This colour was more than just visually appealing.

Fast forward to the present day, and it seems Millennial Pink is ready for its second act. Thanks to social media and the cyclical nature of fashion, what’s old is new again, with a twist. Designers like Minjukim, Peggy Hartanto, and Rejina Pyo are leading the charge here at SocietyA, weaving this nostalgic hue into their latest collections. These fashion-forward creators are reinterpreting Millennial Pink for today’s audience, proving that this statement hue still has plenty of stories to tell.

Tips on How to Wear Millennial Pink

Thinking of adding a splash of Millennial Pink to your wardrobe? Our curated Millennial Pink Edit features designers who are reimagining this shade, including the latest styles from Acler, Minjukim, Peggy Hartanto, Stine Goya and Rejina Pyo. While shopping, consider a few tips on how to wear Millennial Pink with flair:

  1. Mix and Match: 

Millennial Pink plays well with others. Pair it with neutral tones for a subtle look or go bold with contrasting colours for a statement outfit.

  1. Textures Matter: 

Play with different textures to keep things interesting. A ruched Millennial Pink dress from Rejina Pyo, or a tiered ruffle dress from Acler will add depth to your look.

  1. Seasonal Flexibility:

This colour isn’t just for spring. Consider pairing Millennial Pink with earthy autumn tones or icy winter whites to make it work year-round.

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