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Trending: Sculptural Volumes for SS24

sculptural volumes

This season at SocietyA, sculptural volumes take centre stage as we delve into a trend where fabric and form collide. Throughout their SS24 Collections of breathtaking silhouettes, designers like Coperni, Peggy Hartanto, and Louis Shengtao Chen, among others, have masterfully manipulated materials to craft pieces that are not just worn but boldly visual.

Peggy Hartanto

Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, Peggy Hartanto’s designs have introduced pieces such as the Uchimizu Dress and the Hozuki Dress. These garments exemplify the trend with their dramatic poof and precision-cut structures that create a striking visual dialogue between the wearer and the observer.

Louis Shengtao

Louis Shengtao Chen continues to challenge the conventions of texture and silhouette with his Pink Silk Nylon Moth Top, which uses volume and colour to make a bold statement. This piece, among others from his collection, illustrates the designer’s deep understanding of sculptural volumes that redefine personal self-expression.


Coperni’s Twisted Cut Out Tailored Jacket and Triangle Sleeveless Knitted Sweater adds a modern twist to the trend by incorporating angular, almost architectural elements that redefine the traditional jacket into something almost futuristic. The design speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional design.

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