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What To Wear To A Wedding

what to wear to a wedding

For an occasion tied together by love, some find weddings enjoyable for the open bar; while others relish the thrill of putting together an outfit to celebrate the matrimony of their friends and family. Explore pieces that will set you on your way to become second-best dressed (for obvious reasons) at somebody else’s wedding.

Play with Jewels

Joyous occasions call for the opportunity to express oneself with vibrance. These pieces from Peggy Hartanto offer a sculptural, yet refined approach to dopamine dressing. So while featuring standout hues of rubies, fuchsias and emeralds. Didn’t catch the bouquet? You are the bouquet.

Inject Subtlety with Playfulness

Break away from the conventions of monochromatic dressing with hints of whimsy. Adorned with bows, Kimhekim’s Bicolour Bow Tubetop Mini Dress offers a youthful, sleek option for cocktail attire. Peggy Hartanto’s Hozuki dress cascades into heart-shaped ruffles that will flutter on the dance floor. The sleeveless Mathilde Dress in Embellished Cotton from Huishan Zhang offers a playful, yet sophisticated silhouette that plays well with Jeannie Richard’s Ruban Silver Pearl Bracelet. 

Look at Me, So Chic No Effort

For daytime, casual-style weddings (or even ROMs!), classic silhouettes designed with conventionally informal textiles evoke a sense of romance and laidbackness. When paired together with the Osmos Auralia Wavy Rib Halter Cardigan and Rib Skirt create a polished, yet relaxed impression with the use of knits. The same effect can be achieved with the use of softer hues – like this denim number from Stine Goya and the Butterfly Pleated Mini Dress from MINJUKIM.

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