18 Stylish And Functional Gifts For Every Kind Of Giftee On Your List

Ah the festive season; it always lends a more light-hearted and uplifting vibe – something we think people appreciate even more this year, after weathering through recent months. With the festive season comes the gifting – whether it’s for a colleague, family member or a close friend – we’ve curated a selection of handy gifts that’s suitable for all budgets and purposes. And even if the person you’re looking to gift is well, yourself, why not? Surely we all deserve a little something for pulling through the ups and downs of 2021, no?

Crane Living Aphrodite Vase Plumpy Tall, $30


This slim, elegant vase in an endearing, muted daffodil yellow is a winner, whoever you’re gifting it to; it makes for a beautiful decorative piece, with or without flowers.

The Tea Story Luxury Gift Set, $50


Here’s the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life – a set of four tea blends (customisable) from proudly local tea specialist The Tea Story.

No More Maskne Set, $105



Who hasn’t battled maskne at one point or another since masks became part of our daily routines? Plenty of us are battling it still – which is why this set, comprising of Sigi Skin’s super gentle Kaleanser Face Wash, The Gentle Label’s protective Organic Healing Balm and Mellow Naturals’ Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Roots is a dream team to tackle maskne.

Beigic Luminous Hydrating Sheet Mask (4 pieces), $38

Sheet mask 3 1


Packed to the brim with powerhouse ingredients like Vitamin C, Green coffee bean oil, seven peptides, sea buckthorn extract, Marigold flower extract and yuzu extracts, this vegan sheet mask promises to plump and hydrate the skin, enhance your skin barrier and provide noticeable brightening effects. Just what we need to look our best for all the upcoming dinners and gatherings.


Coconut Matter Coconut Natural Deodorant, $33


Made with up to 19 plant and mineral ingredients. Coconut Matter’s organic deodorant is said to apply smoothly with no visible stains. Bonus: Its light, refreshing coconut scent will not clash with any perfumes you choose to use.

Kansoskin Simply Better Barrier Cream, $45


Singapore skincare label Kansoskin is known for formulating extra-gentle and protective products – the label was founded to address the founder’s eczema condition. Their star product is a moisturizer suitable for all ages (even babies and pregnant women). Its filled with plenty of nourishing ingredients found naturally in our skin, such as ceramides, and is completely fragrance-free, to better soothe and calm down ultra-sensitive skin. This would make a great gift for practically anyone and can double up as a body/hand moisturizer as well.


Slowhouse by Bella Koh Contentment Sanitiser Spray, $25


Who says sanitizer sprays need to be clinical (read: boring?). This stylish option by local slow-living guru Bella Koh ups the design quotient with its slick packaging.


White Trousseau Mulberry Silk Face Mask in Blue Moon, $24

Made with luxurious 100% 22 momme organic mulberry silk that’s said to be hypoallergenic, odorless and super lightweight, this double-layered mask comes with adjustable ear loops. Bonus: it’s super sleek as well, ideal for glammed up nights out on the town when the usual surgical mask just won’t cut it


White Trousseau Out Of Office Sweatshorts in Yellow, $39


Sportswear that double up as cute everyday pieces? Sign us up. P.S. did we mention it’s unisex too?


White Trousseau Aurelie Pure Silk Pillow Case in Pink, $89


Yes it may seem like a splurge but hear us out: silk pillowcases do contribute to better conditions for your skin and hair by reducing friction (especially if you’re a side or stomach sleeper). White Trousseau’s version uses 6A grade, 22 momme 100% mulberry silk that’s certified organic.

PH5 Noah Logo Socks in Lavender Plaid, $49


Who wouldn’t be perked up at the sight of these cheerful PH5 socks? Cher Horowitz fans, where you at?

Sunday Bedding Sunday Bath Towel in Midnight Grey, $38



Now here’s a useful gift for friends who have their own place: luxurious towels woven from Turkish cotton – a premium cotton that is exclusively grown in the Aegean region with extra-long fibres. Due to this denser weave, towels are also thicker and more absorbent. The cotton is also GOTS certified, which means that no toxic chemicals have been used throughout the production process. Ok, make that a useful gift for anybody, including ourselves.


Crane Living Bay Deep Dessert Plate in Blue, $19.50

Now this is a gift for those hard-to-please design lovers in your life – its lovely blue hue and scalloped edge are eye-catching and make this plate look far more expensive than it is; a winner in our books.


Zendle Cedar Candle, $35

Invoking the calming scent of a cedar forest, this soy wax candle is perfect for creating an earthy, botanical atmosphere – or for those who like the idea of hiking but don’t necessarily want to physically be there.


Oo La Lab Cotton Eau De Parfum, $158


With notes of apple, pear, lotus, musk and amber, this inviting EDP promises to invoke the smell of freshly washed sheets – and well, who doesn’t dig the scent of that?


Crane Living Divination Future Lines Bowl, $32

Replete with organic lines and colour striations, this unique glass bowl is a worthy contender to consider for that friend who’s always after something one-of-a-kind.


Wynka x Debbie Serenity Printed Satin Loungewear Set, $359

Serenity Printed Satin Loungewear Set

We’re big on designs that do double duty – this sleek loungewear set is just as easily worn on a day out for brunch or slipping into bed.


P by Panache Grab Your Eye Chain Loop Drop Earring, $153.30 (u.p $219)

These earrings by Korean label P by Panache has plenty of well, panache with its witty hands in motion – a surefire conversation-starter piece if we ever saw one.

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