PH5 Resort 2024: The Art of Illusion

We’re thrilled to be unveiling PH5’s Resort 2024 Collection at SocietyA, a covetable knitwear collection where art and sustainability truly intertwine. Inspired by the ancient Greek origins of trompe l’oeil, this collection brings modern knitwear to an artistic showdown, deceiving the eye and capturing the imagination.

PH5’s Resort 2024 Collection, called “ParrHasiu5’s Veil,” sets out to weave a story of intrigue and innovation. From faux denim pieces that blur the lines between reality to a play of trompe l’oeil sequins and sustainable materials, every garment challenges perceptions and invites admiration.

True to the brand, this collection goes beyond aesthetic appeal, deeply embedding sustainability in its core. Over 90% of the materials are responsibly sourced, highlighting PH5’s dedication to eco-friendly fashion. The use of trompe l’oeil techniques extends the life of garments, reducing waste and promoting longevity.

The arrival of PH5’s Resort 2024 Collection at SocietyA is a celebration, a tribute to the fusion of art and responsible fashion. We invite you to explore this new dimension of style—one that respects both creativity and the environment—and step into the new year with a wardrobe that lets you express your unique style and creativity with the brand’s signature flair and whimsy.

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