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SocietyA Curates: The Art of Knit with OSMOS

As we continue to unveil our curation of Spring/Summer 2024 Collections at SocietyA, we’re excited to introduce a line that beautifully blends the art of knitwear with the essence of self-discovery and liberation. OSMOS SS24 by Steven Oo, a Burmese-American-Chinese designer whose expertise in knitwear design is unparalleled. This season, we invite you to discover more of Oo’s world, where knitwear transcends its traditional confines with the power of self-expression.

Inspired by a poem in the Iranian film “Gabbeh

OSMOS SS24 collection is a lyrical journey through themes of liberation and identity. It stands as a bold exploration of the delicate balance between tradition and modernism. A showcase of traditional knitwear techniques meeting contemporary design aesthetics.

Equipped with a decade of research and development experience, Oo uses his expertise in knitwear to champion the creation of inclusive products that defy conventional boundaries. Thus, SS24 Collection embodies the philosophy of fluidity to present a harmonious blend of rigidity and softness. Each design demonstrates the versatility and depth of knitwear as a medium for self-expression.

The Spring/Summer 2024 Collection showcases Steven Oo’s distinctive approach to knitwear. Standout pieces such as the Auralia Wavy Rib Halter Cardigan and a matching Auralia Wavy Rib Skirt are highlights of the collection. Other notable styles include the ethereal Aiba Lace Jacquard High Waisted Cardigan, and the unisex Almas Argyle Float Oversized Tunic.

Discover OSMOS Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, now at SocietyA.

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