SocietyA’s Lucky Lunar Style Guide

Whether you prefer to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon with an ensemble of vibrant red or in elegant cheongsam, we have something for everyone in our Lucky Lunar Style Guide, a handpicked edit of festive styles from Yi Ming, Sean Sheila, Rejina Pyo & more! 

Let your festive vision for the Lunar New Year start here and get lucky with our style guide.

Auspicious Hues

Red is always a popular choice during the Lunar New Year – and for good reason. This auspicious colour as well as its many variations, from lovely pink to bold burgundy, symbolise good luck and fortune. Whether you prefer a bright or muted shade, get ready for the festivities with one of our handpicked styles from designers including Acler, Peggy Hartanto and Rejina Pyo, among others.

Festive Florals

Embrace charm and vibrancy this festive season with the help of our Lucky Lunar Style Guide. Add an elegant yet celebratory touch to your wardrobe with our carefully curated selection of floral designs from Minjukim, Sean Sheila and Acler. These pieces will add a layer of dimension to your festive look, making your festive look stand out with sophistication and flair.

Cheongsam Charm

Infuse your festive ensemble with the elegance of tradition through Yi Ming’s exquisite cheongsam designs. These iconic pieces, blending contemporary style with classic oriental aesthetics, offer a unique way to elevate your look for intimate gatherings. Each cheongsam, crafted with precision and an eye for detail, reflects the timeless beauty of this traditional attire while incorporating modern elements, making them perfect for making a fashion statement that resonates with both heritage and contemporary trends.

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